Tuesday, 20 June 2017

User Stories : Unidentified Entity - 7 Tips for a "good showcase"

Svilupparty, an Italian showcase about indie games, is been an enriching experience.
I received a lot of feedbacks from developers but also by simple gamers.

The idea of finally going face-to-face with other developers amazed me, especially as I was used to another kind of professional reality.
The first day I stopped to try some videogame of which I've heard about before, and I was amazed to meeet little teams of guys which started a project from scratch as I did.

Naemo by Hyperchild

By the way, an amazing thing was the big amount of people who offered to cooperate on my project, including Claudio Peli, which is actually the coder of Naemo.
The mood was really friendly and enjoyable, even though it was a bit small to hold so many people. However it's been a wonderful experience that I reccomend to all those who want to get closer to this reality. I'll be back next year with a more detailed version of Naemo.

For those who might be in the situation to expose a videogame, in my brief experience I would reccomend:
  1. First of all, keep it real, phisically. 
  2. Don't go away from your workstation no matter what. 
  3.  Be ready to repeat over and over the same speech for all the time of the event. 
  4. Needless to say, patience is everything. 
  5.  If you are smokers, well.. good luck. 
  6. Be prepared to the criticism, because they'll come. And it's good thing. 
  7.  Last but not least, always smile. :)
- Hyperchild (Unidentified Entity)

Saturday, 10 June 2017

User Pages & Embed, share your games "like a youtube video"!

Hi guys! Nice news!
We added several new features.
The main latest features are:
  • User Pages
  • Embed
About the User Page

Clicking on the name of an author (of a game or comment) you can see/show your games, subscriptions and the latest games played! 

You can also see/show the badges obtained on the website!
(To see all the badges, you can click on your own Level area)

About the embed

It's very cool, if you uploaded a html5 now you can click on the write "embed" and share your game on your own website, blog or forum.
Easy and fast!

Monday, 5 June 2017

What is the indiepad ?

Hi guys!
Thanks to indiexpo community, now is out a new way to play the indiegames on indiexpo.
It's a "new gamepad".
If you have an android smartphone, go here and download the app (it’s free and always will be).

In this way your smartphones will be the gamepads and your browser will be your own console.

Are you a developer?
You're probably wondering "How to add it at a games of mine?"
It's very very easy. It works only for the games in html5 or webgl (so, made with Game Maker, Construct 2 or 3m Unity 3D and other).
Upload the zip of your game (like each html5 game) and click on "Enable indiepad support".
It's all. Easy and fast.

No script, no code!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

User Stories : LifeLit Games - My first "showcase-experience"

Our experience at Svilupparty, huh? 
Well, the event was awesome, many people came to our stand to play Houdini: The Grand Magus, some of them, after have left came back with more friends to play the game with. 

The most positive thing about presenting a game at Svilupparty was the possibility to get feedbacks and first of all.. who doesn't like compliments? 
Houdini: The Grand Magus

There are many plus in presenting games at events like Svilupparty, first of all the possibility to talk with colleagues and enthusiasts. 
At the start, when the organizers told us where we should had to stage our booth we were already super hyped. 

When the people started to come at our stand we became yet more excited and of course started talking and making friend with everyone. 
In the end we got many useful feedbacks and some calling cards from other developers. In these days we'll apply many changes suggested by the players, like adjusting difficulty and make some aspect of the game more clear. Our "pro tip" for the ones who want to partecipate to this kind of fair is to always be kind with players even though they may say terrible things at your product and always have calling cards!

- LifeLit Games

Thursday, 18 May 2017

What's Svilupparty ?

Svilupparty is an event born to celebrate Italian video game development.
Held annually in Bologna, the three days of Svilupparty offer an occasion for video game companies, business partners, media, indipendent and amateur developers to meet each other, exhibit their work, engage in new partnerships and discuss new projects.

indiexpo is partner of this amazing eventi, so this year you can visit Bologna the 19-20-21 and play several indie games and meet the developers! 

In the video posted, there was only few games!

You will find also...

Oh! I'm Gettin Taller!

Naemo, developed by Unidentified Entity


Houdini, develped by LifeLit Games


Terrorbane, developed by BitNine Studio


Fleshforward, developed by Ally



Detective Gallo


Our Hero! Hyper Sword, developed by Ste

Our Hero! Hyper Sword


Xydonia, developed by Breaking Bytes



Abstract Arena, developed by Credici

Abstract Arena


Hard Times, developed by RadicalFiction

Hard Times


Laika 2.0, developed by Studio Albatros

Laika 2.0


Rogue Quest - Episode 2

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Remember to Update your Game Page...

...and dedicate at least a post to your new game or idea.
Describe the next features or what're you doing.
Your game page is there to showcase you – your company, who you are, what you’re about and your game.
Update it regularly to keep your audience up to date.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

You can't satisfy everyone

There will be someone that will be upset no one went fully with his idea, for not gettif enough credit, for imagining the outcome differently, and some just find it hard to complement others.
Just ignore nicely.
Take the criticism home cut it, burn it. Then through what's left of it in a loosy Allie, behind a failing hummus place.